Blondi & Sam

Delivering Sponsored ads strategy for a backpacking brand on Amazon

The popular backpacking company on Amazon strived to build its brand identity and increase organic sales through Sponsored Ad campaigns
Implementing Sponsored ads strategy for Blondi & Sam


Higher ROAS


Increase in Sales


Increase in Product Detail Page Views


Increase in CTR

Since launching Sponsored ads with the help of SellerApp, Blondi & Sam has been able to witness significant results in terms of their organic rankings, within a span of three months.

The Company

Blondi & Sam, one of the prominent backpack sellers, leveraged Amazon’s PPC ads to grow its brand globally. Originally focused on localized sales, the company has now decided to expand its business and cater to customers outside the US. Initially, the brand targeted business-to-business (B2B) marketing, but it soon focused on full-fledged selling when it began selling and advertising on Amazon.

In June 2021, Blondi & Sam partnered with one of the fastest-growing e-commerce intelligence agencies, SellerApp, improve listing content, reduce ACoS, and increase sales through Amazon Advertising.

The Problem

Blondi & Sam wanted to focus on retail readiness, with its primary aim to differentiate themselves from their other competitors. They wanted to target their unique products - Blue Cooler Backpack and Black Lunch bag and advertise them which would highlight their brand’s versatility.

However, they were facing a decrease in Sales due to poor listing quality and lower product visibility. This is when they turned to us to create a strategy that would pull back on the lost sales, alongside, preparing for the new launch of Kids Backpack, while keeping an ACOS of 30%. As their primary focus was on a robust listing optimization strategy and greater CTR, we knew that Sponsored ads combined with high-performing keywords would do the job.

Brand Versatility & Increase Unique Product Awareness

Sponsored Ads proved to be more relevant to attract shoppers. SellerApp helped us to increase our conversions like never before, with their data-driven strategies and powerful recommendations, which helped us achieve massive success in our business. We could showcase our product in a multidimensional way that is both brand-focused and customer-centric, which is paramount for unique concepts like sustainability and eco-friendly products.”

Nadav Scheztar
CEO | Blondi & Sam

Our Approach

In order to help Blondi & Sam improve their product visibility and increase their unique products’ awareness, SellerApp began with a powerful listing optimization strategy and Sponsored Products campaigns, using a combination of automatic and manual campaigns to promote the unique product listings. Since Blondi & Sam wasn’t an old brand, SellerApp knew they had to implement automatic targeting to find out which keywords were most effectively driving discoverability and desirability for the brand’s ads.

SellerApp then found a way to leverage Sponsored Brands to help drive traffic in a cost-effective manner by displaying multiple products within one PPC ad and motivating customers to explore the brand’s product pages. By doing so, they were able to encourage customers and display the brand’s unique product catalog in the Store, decrease the cost-per-click (CPC) rate, and help increase sales velocity.

To optimize both campaign types, SellerApp eliminated the under-performing and non-performing keywords while keeping the RoAS and ACoS in check. SellerApp also optimized keyword, bid price, and placement insights to inform campaign management more broadly, and help improve performance across Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands for Blondi & Sam.

Promote Product Listings with Manual & Automatic Campaigns