Catapulting the launch of a medical devices brand

A passion for reinventing assisted living fueled Arcatron’s growth on Amazon with help from SellerApp to launch in the US marketplace.
Amazon Sponsored Ads for Optimized Scaling Process for Arcatron


Increase in total sales


Reduction in total ACoS


Increase in CTR


Higher ROAS

Arcatron has grown exponentially over a course of only three months. Owing to the well-optimized scaling process through Sponsored ads while expanding into the US, the brand is now about to expand to other Amazon marketplaces including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

The Company

Arcatron Mobility is a Pune-based medical devices manufacturer in India. They are innovating to improve the lives of elderly and locomotor-impaired individuals with a range of state-of-the-art wheelchairs.

It's mission is to advance global standards of assisted living while making it dignified and safer. Their motto revolves around applying engineering and technology to create products that solve unmet needs for focus segments.

The Problem

Arcatron had already launched Sponsored Video campaigns, but their growth and reach seemed to have stunted. They wanted to bring about a marked increase in their sales growth and reach a wider audience.

So they decided to partner up with SellerApp( in May 2021 to make use of Machine Learning-powered data intelligence tools. Their goal was to optimize Sponsored ads to scale-up revenue for the Amazon India Marketplace. They also wanted to launch their products in the US Marketplace and other geographies.

Difficulty in optimizing and scaling with Amazon Sponsored ads

SellerApp’s avant-garde approach to Sponsored Video was efficacious in bringing about a significant change in our brand. We saw a significant increase in sales and a reduction in ACoS over such a short period of time. The platform’s database and actionable insights have helped us grow at a remarkable rate.”

Ganesh Sonawane
CEO | Arcatron

Our Approach

With a view to enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales, SellerApp’s expert analysts conducted exhaustive keyword research and search term analysis to understand customer behavior in different marketplaces. The team analyzed competitor strategies to increase market share globally.

Amazon Sponsored Brand video ads are highly effective when it comes to standing out from the competition and increasing brand awareness. Hence, the team launched video ads that helped communicate the product’s USPs to customers.

SellerApp’s prowess in keyword harvesting and match type optimization aided in optimizing their ad spend. It also brought about a marked improvement in their ROI and ranking.

Amazon Video ads and Sponsored Brand campaigns for better Visibility