Amazon Selling Coach

A quick transition from a new seller to an Amazon expert. Data backed information and intelligent tools for smarter Amazon strategies and increased profits.

What is Amazon Selling Coach?


Amazon Selling Coach is a widget which represents help and support that Amazon extends the sellers on its platform. When a seller launches their business on Amazon platform, they must receive plenty of generic advice from many other support platforms regarding the dos and don’ts of the virtual marketplace. However, Amazon Selling Coach is unique in the manner that the advice is from an ‘insider’, i.e. Amazon itself, and the advice, suggestions, and indications are personalised for the seller keeping their best interests in sight.

Suggestions from Amazon Selling Coach

  • The Amazon Selling Widget opines and suggests based on the seller’s profile and listings. The suggestions are narrowed such that the seller receives information for growth only relevant to their area of business. The widget can be found on the Seller Account home page, on the right hand side. The same can be accessed through the Reports section of Seller’s account.

    The support provided through Amazon Selling Coach further, in addition to the recommendations, includes support through email, or downloadable in bulk from Amazon Marketplace Web Services, and it is also available on Amazon Seller App.

Benefits of listening to Amazon Seller Coach:

  • The first and foremost helpful aspect of the Amazon Seller Coach widget is the perspective that it provides. The seller might be only orienting through one direction, while the widget and recommendations can open up a holistic perspective.

  • The widget exists mostly for professional sellers. However, the support team at Amazon is the most likely contributor to a seller’s growth, even if one is an individual seller.

  • Amazon Selling Coach attends to Product opportunities wherein the seller is notified of the customer interests and customer trends.

  • Amazon Selling Coach addresses Inventory opportunities by notifying the seller of the stock available for certain items that have higher demand in your inventory. This helps in avoidance of pre fulfillment cancellations.

  • Amazon Seller Coach also makes you aware of the possibilities of using FBA to provide free shipping for some of your products and notifies about offers with discounts.