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Amazon’s Generative AI: How It Can Help in Amazon Product Listing

Amazon product listing with AI
May 27, 2024 8 mins to read

Amazon’s generative AI tool is a game-changer, offering sellers a new and innovative way to create product listings. This tool uses large language models to generate high-quality content based on a brief description or a few keywords provided by the seller. 

Statistics show that effective product listings are crucial for success on Amazon. For instance, 60% of shoppers begin their product search on Amazon, according to a Feedvisor study. 

Moreover, optimized listings with rich content and images can improve conversion rates

The ability to generate accurate, engaging, and optimized product listings using Amazon’s Generative AI tool can lead to improved visibility, higher sales, and better customer experiences. 

The tool is designed to simplify the listing creation process, reduce the need for sellers to enter specific product data, and provide customers with more complete, consistent, and engaging product information. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through Amazon’s generative AI tool, where sellers can create high-quality product pages with less effort, leading to increased visibility, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Quick Guide

What is Amazon’s Generative AI?

Amazon’s approach to generative artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a variety of tools and services that utilize advanced machine learning and AI models to generate new content based on patterns observed in existing data. 

In the case of generative AI, large datasets are used for learning to create original outputs such as text, images, audio, and even code. With Amazon’s Generative AI, you can create product listings that can improve the performance of your product on Amazon. 

Challenges of Creating an Amazon Listing 

Creating an Amazon listing poses several challenges for you, impacting the visibility, relevance, and success of your products on the platform. 

Some of the key challenges faced by sellers when creating an Amazon listing include:

Tough Competition: With millions of sellers on Amazon, standing out from the competition can be challenging. The low barrier to entry and the presence of numerous sellers offering similar products make it difficult to gain visibility and attract customers.

Product Listing Optimization: Optimizing product listings for search results is crucial but can be complex. You need to ensure your listings include relevant keywords, high-quality images, and compelling descriptions to improve visibility and attract potential customers.

Negative Reviews: Negative reviews can significantly impact your reputation and sales. Managing customer feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and maintaining a positive reputation is essential for success on Amazon.

Customer Ratings and Feedback: Monitoring customer ratings and feedback is essential for understanding customer satisfaction and improving products and listings. Addressing customer concerns promptly can help enhance the overall shopping experience.

To remain competitive in the Amazon marketplace, sellers need to optimize their product listings, communicate effectively with customers, and improve their offerings continually.

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Benefits of Using Amazon’s Generative AI to Create Amazon Listings

Here are the benefits of using Amazon’s generative AI to create Amazon listings:

Efficiency: Amazon’s generative AI tool can quickly create product listings by analyzing a seller’s existing direct-to-consumer website. This saves sellers time and effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business, such as product sourcing and marketing.

Consistency: AI-generated descriptions ensure consistency across a seller’s product catalog, helping maintain a professional image and making it easier for customers to navigate.

Professional-Looking Content: AI-generated content often has a polished and professional appearance, boosting the credibility of sellers, especially small businesses, and improving the perception of their products.

Enhanced Product Details: AI can analyze vast amounts of data and customer reviews to include relevant and detailed information, helping customers make more informed purchase decisions.

SEO Optimization: Amazon’s AI takes into account the SEO principles when generating product titles, descriptions, or bullet points, making the content more likely to rank well in Amazon’s search results and increasing visibility to potential buyers.

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Improved Accuracy: AI-generated content is found to be clearer, more accurate, and detailed, aiding in product visibility and saving sellers time.

Amazon’s AI-driven product title, description, bullet points, and image generation offers sellers the ability to save time, improve the quality of their listings, enhance the customer shopping experience, and ultimately increase sales.

How Amazon’s Generative AI Can Help in Creating Product Listings

Firstly, it can assist in generating product titles, descriptions, and bullet points.

Amazon’s AI tool uses a large language model technology that can create product titles, descriptions, and bullet points based on a few words provided by the seller.

This feature is designed to help sellers create product listings faster and more precisely, which can help customers find products more easily.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for creating product titles, descriptions, and bullet points with Amazon’s generative AI:

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and navigate to Catalog, then Add Products. On the next page, you can see options like Keywords, Product IDs, Web URLs, Blank Forms, and Bulk templates. 

Amazon's seller central account

In these options, Web URLs and Blank Forms are AI-powered tool for generating product titles, descriptions, and bullet points.

AI-powered tool
  1. In Web URLs, you just have to provide the seller’s existing direct-to-consumer website.
Keywords about the product
  1. From the website, Amazon’s Generative AI will take the data and produce the product titles, descriptions, and bullet points. Also, you will have to fill out different forms like Description, Product Details, Offer, and Safety & Compliance
AI generated content

Once you are satisfied with the AI-generated content, click on Submit. Your product will be listed on Amazon.

  1. In Blank Forms, you need to enter a brief description or a few keywords about the product in the input field. This information will be used by the AI tool to generate the product title, description, and bullet points.
Keywords about the product

The AI tool will generate high-quality, detailed content like product titles, product descriptions, and bullet points for your product listing. 

Review the generated content to ensure it accurately represents your product and meets Amazon’s listing guidelines.

If necessary, edit or adjust the generated content to fit your specific needs. You can make changes to the product title, description, and bullet points to ensure they are clear, concise, and compelling.

Once you are satisfied with the generated content, submit it to Amazon for publication. 

The AI-generated content should help you save time and create higher quality and consistency in your listings, thereby enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

Note: The product listing generator capability is currently available in beta.

Secondly, Amazon’s generative AI can help with image generation. 

Here’s the step-by-step guide for creating images using Amazon’s Generative AI Image generator in Sponsored Brands:

  • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account, navigate to Advertising, and then Campaign Manager.
Amazon's generative AI
  • In Campaign Manager, go to the option Create Campaign. Select the Sponsored Brands campaign.
  • Go to the creative section, and click on custom images.
custom images.
  • Click on Custom Images. Here you will find an option “Add Image”. Click on this option, you will get three different options.

Then choose the option “Choose an AI-generated image”.

Choose an AI-generated image
  • Add a product for which you want to generate an image.
product for which you want to generate an image.
  • Click on the Generate button, and the tool will use generative AI to create a set of lifestyle- and brand-themed images based on the product details.
  • You can also enter short text prompts to refine the image further. You can also choose multiple versions to optimize performance.
  • Save the image and add it to your Sponsored Brands campaign creative assets.

Note: The image generation capability is currently available in beta to select advertisers for their Sponsored brand campaigns. Amazon Ads will continuously improve the experience based on customer feedback and expand availability over time.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s generative AI is a transformative opportunity for sellers to enhance their product listings and improve their performance on Amazon. By automating the creation of detailed and engaging product titles, descriptions, and bullet points, and generating captivating images, sellers can stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

But there are more features other than product titles, product descriptions, images, etc. It’s customer reviews, ratings, etc. To assist you in the whole product listing, you can try our SellerApp’s Listing Optimization Service which can increase the discoverability of your listings. 

As Amazon’s AI technology continues to advance, sellers who leverage these innovative tools will be better positioned to thrive and achieve long-term success on the platform.

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