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It’s no news that Google earns majority of its revenues from advertising. In fact, going by figures as far back as of 2011, 96% of the search engine’s revenues, $ 37.9 billion to be precise, came through advertising. Considering how important Google considers advertising for its survival, the hopeful or new PPC advertisers should be well aware what kind of businesses do fairly well with such advertising medium.

Online gambling and casinos 

Advertising online casinos through PPC has the potential of drawing thousands of people to the gambling portal on a daily basis. Not just that, it can be instrumental in spreading awareness about the platform, with a very reasonable investment. There are some specific digital marketing strategies for online casinos that have delivered consistent results over a period of time. However, please remember that the target market you’d be advertising the casino platform to, should be of a country where online gambling is legal and allowed.

Pay-Per-Click-Advertising Explained For Beginners

Businesses involving customers with high lifetime values

There are some industries that can do with spending good amounts of money on new customer acquisitions, as the lifetime values of those customers easily outweighs the spend. Some of these business types/professions are:

Online degree programs and colleges – Brick and mortar as well as online colleges spend a good amount of money on PPC ads as the money generated through new student acquisition over the course of their education is pretty high.

Doctors, dentists, accountants etc. – A new client for a dentist, lawyer or a doctor can be worth thousands of dollars, sometimes even tens of thousands (over the long-term). To give you an idea, here’s how much money dentists normally make. Hence, professionals like these don’t mind spending heavily on their advertising budget and can bid aggressively for even expensive PPC keywords.

Internet providers, cable services, utility providers etc. – Normally people have a tendency of staying put with one provider for a long time. Hence, providers of recurring services like these, including subscription-based software, have a fairly good advertising budget and can do very well with PPC.

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