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How SellerApp is Your Ideal Choice for PPC Management?

We pride ourselves to place us as the best Amazon PPC agency like a well-oiled machine, where sound logic and concrete data drive every step. Sponsored Products is one of the most important aspects of running a successful ecommerce business on Amazon yet, many sellers struggle to comprehend the concept entirely. Our in-house data shows that over 55% of Amazon sellers fail to navigate the complexities of Amazon PPC, and as a result, they end up spending thousands of dollars with nothing to show.
To help professional sellers structure and optimize their campaigns correctly, we have come up with the solution - SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Management Agency. On average, we have helped our clients increase their sales by 20% while bringing down the ACoS by 30% over time. Moreover, our top-notch Amazon PPC marketing service enabled them to amplify their market share and brand visibility, leading to new customers and repeat orders.

Reduce Ad Spend

We bring down the ACoS by eliminating the negative keywords with a key focus on other key parameters like match type, bid amount, relevance, and competition.

Increase Keyword Coverage

With our powerful Amazon keyword research tools, we identify and target all the possible keywords and customer search terms for your products, for maximum visibility.

Profit-making Ads

With regular optimization and refining, we will improve your campaign’s performance with time and position your business for increased Amazon PPC sales.

Embrace More Profits While Saving Your Time

With the help of our intelligent seller tools and a passionate team, SellerApp ensures to provide the best Amazon PPC marketing services to the clients. We automate your PPC tasks and increase your advertising profits while you get more time to scale your business. Our Amazon PPC agency is a lethal blend of human expertise and world-class machine learning algorithms that have made us a top favourite among more than 4,000 Amazon sellers and clients. Some of these include leading agencies who are using our data to manage over 50 Fortune 500 companies

A Look at Your Listings

For advertisements to be successful, you need to have a substantial listing that is optimized for conversions. Otherwise, no matter how much money you spend on your ads, people will not buy a product whose listing looks shoddy and unappealing. We will tell you which of your listings need improvement so that you can get on it immediately and set them up for mind-staggering sales.

amazon ppc management agency

Ad Campaigns Audit

We will take a deeper dive into your existing ad campaigns and see how they have been performing. With the help of our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, hard data, and expertise that comes from helping thousands of other Amazon sellers, we will scrutinize your campaigns and analyze the reports, your potential to maximize ROI and sales, and areas that need improvement.

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Devising a Plan of Action

After looking at your campaigns thoroughly, our Success Manager will make a concrete plan of action, laying down objectives and targets to be achieved every month. All of it will be shared with you so that you are always aware of where your money is being spent at times.

amazon ppc management services

Get the Ball Rolling

This is where you sit back and watch the action happen. You won’t even have to move a muscle: we will do all the heavy lifting for you and take your ad campaigns to performance levels never seen before. From re-structuring the existing campaigns to setting up new ones and adjusting bids and match types, we will do all that it is needed to bring your ACoS down and take your sales up.

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Observe and Optimize

Once we have set up the campaigns and implemented the necessary changes, we will astutely monitor the performance of your ads. As we start to collect data from your search term reports, we will refine and optimize your Amazon PPC ads further for improved efficiency and conversions.

sellerapp ppc services

Dedicated Account Manager

Our Customer Success Manager will be with you throughout your journey, right from the start to the end. They will be your point of contact, your PPC account expert who will work with you and take actions on your behalf to ensure that you are ripe for success.

pay per click account manager

Our Powerful Platform

With the help of our impeccable algorithms and powerful suite of features, we will turn your campaigns into a profit-making machine and maximize ROI. All of this technology will be led by our Amazon PPC agency’s expertise and experience that comes from working with Amazon merchants. At the same time, you will have access to our platform as well so that you can continue to use other tools to improve your business.

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Frequent Updates

Whether it is campaign restructuring, implementing new campaigns, or optimizing the existing ones, you will be the first ones to know. You will get a bi-monthly progress report, giving you a detailed view of your investment into the campaigns and how they are performing. We are talking about analyzing ACoS, return on investment, conversions, and other critical metrics crucial for your business. You will also have scheduled monthly calls with your PPC account manager to discuss the performance of your Amazon advertisements.

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“SellerApp is great at what they’re doing. The support is outstanding and they help me build quality traffic. My Campaign manager is very quick to respond and clarified all my doubts with patience. They helped me strategize my marketing plan and reduced my ACoS. SellerApp is a much-needed PPC tool if you want to grow on the ever-changing Amazon advertising landscape.”



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