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Brands Onboarding

  • • Catalogue Management
  • • Inventory
  • • Order Management
  • • Settlement
  • • Analytics & Reports

Kirana Store

  • • Digitalisation
  • • Catalogue
  • • Inventory
  • • Orders

SellerApp assists top-tier sellers to launch their businesses online by joining hands with Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). We are at the forefront in onboarding retailers, CPG brands, and D2C sellers to be a part of ONDC.

What is ONDC?

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a government-backed network that aims to decentralize and create an interoperable trading system. It seeks to change conventional practices and make the online business accessible on a single platform. Just like UPI reimagined how online banking works, ONDC is here to change the future of the ECommerce industry.

Why ONDC is better

ONDC connects buyers, sellers, and logistics partners to promote a systematic and smooth process. Through a single, unified online platform, consumers can locate all the products in one place, instead of constantly switching between different platforms. The initiative aims to reach millions of local businesses, and enable people to be a part of the digital world. It seeks to provide equal opportunities for Kirana stores, SMEs, and multi-millionaire corporations, all in one place. The goal is to remove hierarchy and the predatory pricing system while enabling each individual to define their T&C for selling.

Our Mission

A revolutionary step towards making online selling accessible, inclusive, and empowering to millions in India.

Why SellerApp?

SellerApp is providing end to end solutions with a highly scalable API driven platform architecture to bring in millions of sellers to integrate on this revolutionary government of India initiative - Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). SellerApp’s ONDC functionalities includes online catalogue, inventory, customer, order and reports management.

ONDC seller app


As a seller, your products are going to be discoverable on multiple platforms

ONDC seller app

Digital Adoption

Compete and win along with the digital adoption happening in the country

ONDC seller app


As a seller, you have complete flexibility and authority to decide critical data points like price

ONDC seller app

Hyper Local

Faster Hyper Local fulfillment - local stores have an edge

ONDC seller app

GST Waiver

GST Waiver applicable for small online retailers


SellerApp is the champion of seller applications, when I was exploring every other possibility of getting my online store up and running on ONDC. It was stunningly easy to use, with more features and advanced analytics that I didn’t even know I wanted.

Amar Choudhary (Papa BoYo)
Mr. Amar Choudhary an IIM Ahmedabad alumni & serial entrepreneur

SellerApp Technical Edge

SellerApp intelligence and data analytics capabilities will enable sellers to scale

Vendors can connect any web/mobile front-end to a feature-rich seller platform integrated with ONDC.
Each seller signs the order with his own public/private key, to ensure maximum security.
Designed with microservices based architecture that enables unlimited horizontal scalability.
Customer Support
Customer Support
The support team is always available. To ensure the seller's success, our team is constantly prepared to go above and beyond.
Personalized Onboarding
Personalized Onboarding
Our onboarding team is responsible for building relationships and driving long-term value realization for SellerApp’s customers. The highly skilled, self-driven specialists form the core of our organization.


SellerApp ONDC Platform Onboarding - It’s simple, easy and seamless!

Our team of experts takes great pride in onboarding all our customers and the impact we’re making in the ONDC community. We have created this video describing the ONDC seller onboarding process, which will take you through all the steps regarding how you can register on our platform, upload your catalog and implement the store. Once you are onboarded, SellerApp will help with handling the orders, and you can analyze customer buying behavior under the core analytics.


Learn How

ONDC Seller Registration
ONDC Seller Registration

Register at

Catalogue Information
Catalogue Information

Enter product catalogue data into our excel sheet

Store Location
Store Location

Location of the store available for the buys

Successfully<br> Onboarded

SellerApp ONDC Platform

We’re proud that ONDC and SellerApp have come together to provide sellers with off-the-shelf solutions to be live on the network. We are providing core e-commerce functionalities like Network Search Requests, Order Management, Delivery Partner Integration, Payment Integration and more.

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  • How can a seller join ONDC?

  • What is the current status of ONDC?

  • Which cities have been introduced to ONDC?

  • How does ONDC work?

  • How will ONDC help sellers?

  • Is it only meant for big companies?

  • How to become a participant in the ONDC network?

  • How To Register and Sell Products on ONDC?

  • How to select a robust, reliable, and secure seller platform?

    - Organize and present their goods/services digitally

    - Manage stock and inventory

    - Track all orders and deliveries

  • How to complete ONDC Seller Registration?

    - Go to admin.sellerapp.in to register.

    - Enter your store name, email ID, phone number, address.

    - You can also select a theme and add a logo.

  • What really happens during the ONDC seller registration process?

    - Once you register, our team will contact you for verification.

    - Enter your product catalog into the excel sheet.

    - Provide a pickup location of your store.

    - Your store will go live on ONDC.

  • Is ONDC a government company?