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I really recommend working with SellerApp for a sustainable data management. We want to see the actual sales which change all the time without handling APIs. SellerApp’s powerful technology made it possible!

Khalil Maaouni

Khalil Maaouni

Head of Data and Digital, Coca Cola

Fortune 500 (Consumer Packaged Goods) CPG brand collaborated with SellerApp unified solutions to make the right business decisions.


Who needs SellerApp’s data solutions?

Head of Digital Innovation and Strategy

Leverage our extensive data to understand market insights, competition, customer trends, and find recommendations to maximize return on investment.

Head of E-commerce, VP

Get a holistic view of total market performance and category trends to build a successful e-commerce strategy.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Get the confidence and close the gaps between customer preferences and strategy to create targeted offers to buyers based on their preferences.

Market Intelligence

Launch in new markets with confidence

Break down the barriers to enter new markets. Get a complete picture of your consumer behavior and develop buyer personas based on data. Identify potential ROI opportunities by analyzing customer demand, demographics, and interests. Incorporate our market insights into your new product development and emerge as a launch champion.

Our clients saw about a 32% higher return with our Market Intelligence solutions.

Competitor And Market Share Analysis

Get the strategic advantage to dominate the competition

Is our Total Addressable Market (TAM) big enough? What is my competitor’s Share of Voice (SOV)? Let us help you answer the right questions and identify your growth potential. Leverage our data intelligence to identify strengths, opportunities, and threats, and benchmark competitors’ product offerings, sales, and pricing strategies against your own.

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How it works

Advertising And Automation

Discover high-impact automation to fuel your marketing funnel

Set goals and formulate tailored strategies with our certified experts. Leverage machine learning technologies to optimize your marketing funnel for maximum performance. Get hourly data to power your automation and advertising optimization and eliminate mundane daily tasks. Stay on top of all your ad metrics with unified reporting and analytics.

Business Monitoring

Get granular. Stay informed. Analyze your profit margins

Take the lead and stay on top of all your metrics with smart monitoring and advanced analytics - all without a data scientist. We help you find the right opportunities to conveniently measure what drives sales gains. Analyze each SKU, category, and customer cohort, and a gold mine of data with our business intelligence tools. Protect your market position, seize new opportunities, and improve your bottom line with our solutions.

Data Warehousing

Take full control of data and get optimal results, hassle-free

Capture and integrate your e-commerce data from all touchpoints and channels in one place. Ensure data adoption with a modern and user-friendly interface. Get insights to ensure smooth operations and effective communication with stakeholders. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

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