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Who should use SellerApp’s E-commerce Brand Analytics?


If you are the CXO of a private label brand or a DTC brand, then you should leverage our e-commerce solutions to dig deeper into the data and increase speed and agility in making business decisions

Head of E-commerce, VP

As the Vice President and Head of E-commerce, you should be on top of your customer buying patterns and work on your brand strategies. We help you with just that!

Key Account Manager

Key Account Managers must constantly find innovative opportunities to drive sales. Our solutions are one of a kind to help you boost your share of voice on Amazon.

What can you achieve with SellerApp Analytics?

Understand Market Share

Gain exclusive access to comprehensive online retail and market insights for your products. Understand crucial business metrics like month-over-month sales and advertising growth.

Category Trends

Track monthly and weekly category trends and growth occurring within the marketplace. Effortlessly generate tailored segments and observe trends within any department or category of your choice in real time.

Learn SOV

Use Share of Voice to determine your brand’s position and understand how you are faring against competitors.

Perform Competitor Analysis

Analyze and master your market with over 100+ subcategories and over 200mn SKUs.

Sales Performance

Measure your competitors’ sales performance, track their rankings, analyze markets, and browse through 100s of your competitors’ products.

Fine-tune your strategies

Assess every important KPI and find strategies to optimize your products, prices, and inventory so you can beat the competition to the curb.

What challenges can SellerApp help you solve?

Increase profitability

For brands chasing profitability, look no further, SellerApp can help you drive an average of 32% incremental profits.

Expand into new markets

SellerApp helps you with tools, data, insights, and services to successfully expand into new categories and marketplaces.


Automate your ads to drive incremental sales

Get the best-in-class automation and optimization services to multiply your expertise and business impact.

Identify new product opportunities

We help you pinpoint specific shopping patterns and customer buying behavior. Smart decisions to boost margins

What can you achieve with SellerApp Analytics?

Advertising Automation and Optimization

Quickly pinpoint untapped audiences to target and potential areas to expand your brand reach.

Advertising Metrics

Analyze weekly and monthly advertising trends such as ad spend, targeting, and metrics related to sales attributed to advertising across your brand.

Competitor’s strategy

Get a peek into your competitors’ ad strategies and improve your targeting with our reports.

Increase your reach with Marketing Analytics

Effortlessly assess the listing quality, pricing, promotions, and other marketing initiatives that fuel sales growth throughout your organization.

Listing and keyword reports

Understand what works for your category and brand and implement strategies to grow your organization. Use our listing quality and keyword research reports to ace your organic rankings and keyword positions.

Pricing and Promotions

Evaluate your competitor’s progress by analyzing their price changes and promotional activities.

Raise Consumer Confidence with Reviews and Ratings

Product reviews can make or break a listing. Besides, reviews and ratings of the product highly influence customers’ purchase decisions. So we help you understand customer sentiment with reviews and ratings.

Analyze Reviews and Ratings

Understand what people are talking about and their likes and dislikes about your product with our Review analysis. Implement strategies to enhance your products from the feedback.

Build trust among potential customers

The quality and quantity of your product reviews can help you build trust among the target customers. Use reviews and ratings to identify customer pain points and find opportunities to improve your product.

data management

Effortlessly Streamline Your Data Management

Tiring manual integration is a thing of the past. Use SellerApp’s data solutions and seamlessly integrate all your sales and advertising data in one place.

Data integration and Visualization

Extract all your data from Amazon sales and advertising campaigns, and see loads of data in a digestible format using Google Data Studio. Our pool of data connectors can quickly and easily integrate complex data for you.

Accelerate decision-making with real-time data

We help you visualize data with customized dashboards and valuable reports - no coding knowledge required. Speed up your decision-making processes and quickly implement optimizations without wasting time crunching the data.

Why Brands Choose SellerApp

As a leading e-commerce data intelligence organization, SellerApp is dedicated to helping retail brands increase their market share and grow their sales on the marketplaces they are selling in.

Competitor Dynamics

Competitor Dynamics

Dominate Share of Voice (SOV)

Dominate Share of Voice (SOV)

Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligence Reports

Full-funnel Advertising Analytics

Full-funnel Advertising Analytics

Real-time Listing, Pricing, and Review Alerts

Real-time Listing, Pricing, and Review Alerts

Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy

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“Our total sales grew by 95% in a year. SellerApp’s platform and data capabilities have been a game-changer for a brand like ours. We did the right thing by including Amazon ads in our marketing efforts. ”

Caroline, CEO, Teeccino

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