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Join the brightest minds

Join the brightest minds

Get a chance to interact with the industry leaders of the e-commerce industry. Break the barriers and build the e-commerce business you have always dreamed of.

Unlock new strategies

Unlock new strategies

This two-day event covers 7 topics from across the e-commerce industry. All the sessions cover the present and future of e-commerce.

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Goodie bag

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Day 1

20th Oct 11am ET

Be inspired and learn the tactics from industry experts and 7-figure sellers. Capitalize on the changing market trends during this Q4.

Topic 1

Hacking D2C Growth

The number of D2C businesses is growing, making it hard for them to gain customers’ attention. Learn how to keep up with the changing buying behavior and growing competition from thought leaders of the industry.

Topic 2

Predictions for Q4 2022

The key topic of the session - what are the predictions for Q4 2022?

Despite unpredictable market conditions, Amazon Prime Day 2022 has shown success across several stages of the funnel. Learn the tactics to gear up for Amazon Q4 success.

Specialists predict this Q4 would be a huge opportunity for sellers to showcase their products to put their new product line during the holiday season. Along with that, our experts will discuss the tactics to start preparing for Q4 and the predictions for the holiday season, and more.

Topic 3

Product Listing Optimization: Readiness and Monitoring

Planning and preparation are crucial for any e-commerce business. How do you prepare for Q4 sales event? Are your listings SEO-ready? Amazon specialists will discuss all the tricks including alt tags, product photography, geo-ranking factors, and more to get your products in front of the customers.

Topic 4

Amazon Advertising Tips for a Successful Q4

Our favorite topic of the session - Amazon Advertising. New-to-Brand metric has been a game changer for brand owners. How do you use it to your advantage? You can learn how to use ad placement, automation, and Amazon DSP to your advantage. The list doesn’t end here. Our Amazon PPC experts will discuss all things about advertising, break-even ACoS, the importance of looking at data during Q4, and more.

Day 2

21st Oct 11am ET

Long-term play is crucial for your D2C brand. Learn how to fool-proof your brand, leverage data to create a successful business strategy, and create ads that actually convert your target customer during this Q4.

Topic 1

Funding & Budgeting: Ensure Extra Profits

Wondering if you need to invest in preparing for the holiday rush? You may have seen e-commerce brands successfully scaling during Q4, or you’re still wondering if your cash is well-spent during this time of the year. In this session, our team will set your expectations on funding, debt financing, equity financing, and other budgeting tips you need to know.

Topic 2

Inventory Management: How to Manage Proactively

Supply chain management is a crucial part of any e-commerce business. In this session, our experts will emphasize the importance of stock management of your top sellers, on-hand inventory optimization, and quick ways to improve the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) during the sales event.

Topic 3

Your Guide to Repricing

Being competitive is crucial during the holiday period. Learn how to get more reviews and ratings to boost customer experiences. Also, understand repricing techniques and rules to win the competition during Q4.



AMZ Advisers is the leading Amazon marketing agency and an Amazon Advertising Program Partner. AMZ has generated over $500M in sales on Amazon for their clients and managed over 200+ brands on Amazon. AMZ’s teams in Europe, Asia, and the Americas help clients expand by launching in multiple marketplaces


Seller Snap offers a fully automated, AI-powered Amazon Repricer and Analytics Tool. Seller Snap applies Game Theory principles to make smart repricing decisions. Their AI algorithmic repricer can identify other sellers' behavior, helping avoid price wars and maximize profits.


Payability is the leading short-term funding solution for Amazon and eCommerce businesses in the United States. They specialize in providing continuous capital for sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and NewEgg, making at least $10,000/month or more in sales, who typically have their sales locked up in reserve for at least two weeks. Their funding is primarily used for inventory and marketing purchases. There are no credit checks and no complicated paperwork.


AMZ Prep is a fully-integrated, global Amazon partner. They build your business’s presence online and manage your products offline. With multiple warehouses across North America alongside a powerful team of digital marketers and eCommerce consultants - they are well equipped to handle the entire journey on Amazon, from logistics, fulfillment, and shipping to advertising, photography, and strategy, all available under one roof. They aim to redefine what full service means.


AccrueMe® is a one-of-a-kind fintech company that invests $10k to $1M of success-based funding in Amazon FBA Sellers. Learn why Amazon Sellers love working with AccrueMe for their growth funding needs at

margin business logo

Amazon Listing Optimization & Translation Services That Make Cents
Supercharge Your Business With Powerful Amazon Listing Optimization & Localization Services
They help Amazon sellers increase their sales on all Amazon Europe marketplaces.

Cahoot logo

Cahoot is the world's first peer-to-peer fulfillment network. Their software empowers our network of merchants with excellent operations to fulfill orders for other merchants. With Cahoot, merchants unite to level the playing field with affordable, fast shipping across all channels.


Verlinvest is an international, evergreen investment company focusing on growth-stage companies in FMCG, health and care, and digital platforms, which are restless to accelerate growth. They partner with visionary entrepreneurs who build the next generation of category-defining brands that will positively impact the consumer sector for many years to come.


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Ian Kaneshiro

Head of Sales & Customer Success, SellerSnap


Manish Chowdhary

Founder & CEO, Cahoot

Cahoot logo

Omar Angri

CEO, MarginBusiness

margin business logo

Mike Begg

Co-Founder, Chief Strategist, AMZ Advisers


Arjun Vaidya

Ventures Lead, Verlinvest, and Founder, Dr. Vaidya’s



Chief Marketing Officer, AMZ Prep


Ben Kotch

Co-founder, President, AccrueMe


Nithin Mentreddy

Director of Customer Success, SellerApp


Jack Howard

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Payability




Ankita Patil

Product Evangelist

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