SellerApp invites Graduate/UnderGraduate students for Big Data Challenge

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Challenge Summary

Challenge Summary

Pricing and Demand Prediction



E-Commerce, Big Data, Prediction, Sales Estimates


SellerApp is a data analytics company which aggregates data about the e-commerce space and enables business Intelligence and seamless Management for multi-geography sellers.

Our team is inviting graduate or undergraduate students to take part in the data challenge for predicting Ecommerce Sales and Prediction of specific products based on historic data and external factors. For this challenge, an e-commerce data record is provided that has accumulated data info from the past. The goal of this data challenge is to analyze this data set and use this knowledge from the past to predict future information.

Data Set Provided

  • Sales data of 100,000 skus for the past 1 year
  • Holiday season

For any clarification, you can contact SellerApp team via -

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can participate?

    All students from the selected universities can participate in the SellerApp Big Data Challenge

  • What is there to win?

  • Which requirements?

  • In which period does the challenge run?