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Anna Davidson, Founder

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    SellerApp webinars are insightful. The speaker was great and the content was very helpful. I realised how important is it to monitor and optimize on a regular basis to scale my business.

Peter Bennet, Seller since 2018

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Join global leaders
Join global leaders
Connect with the greatest minds in the industry from across the world. Get the guidance you need to start, sell, and scale your e-commerce enterprise.
Five marketplaces
Five marketplaces
Learn how to get started and how to flourish in the most lucrative Amazon marketplaces in the world. Get advanced inputs from local veterans.
International gameplan
International gameplan
Chart your success story with state-of-the-art data solutions and tools, equipped with multi-geo capability. Achieve your international goals using the best all-in-one seller platform.


SellerApp is a one-stop solution for Amazon Sellers that provides Amazon sellers to optimize their sales and increase their organic rankings on Amazon SERPs. This robust E-Commerce data analytics software allows sellers to fully capitalize and gain a competitive edge in the industry by leveraging their digital data and bringing about a dramatic influx of new customers, product research, highly actionable marketplace insights, streamlined keyword research, sponsored ad campaigns, and many more that brings about a more positive and lasting impact on the profit margins.

SellerSnap is an AI-powered algorithmic Amazon repricing solution that identifies unique challenges faced by Amazon sellers and guarantees them the best possible performance, whilst avoiding price wars. Based on the Game Theory framework, the platform focuses on helping sellers maximize their profits and reduces lost sales opportunities and potential Buy Box Share. Along with the state-of-the-art repricing strategies, it also provides sellers with personalized solutions to foster data-driven decision-making.

SkuVault is a SaaS solution for warehouse and inventory management that helps e-Commerce sellers unlock their bottom-line growth by identifying and optimizing inventory processes. Its robust system allows easy and seamless integration of your e-Commerce platform and syncs your sales channels, and generates actionable reports to create better pick, pack, and ship processes for enhanced customer experience.


Anna Davidson

Anna Davidson

Founder and Author at Amazon 101 Academy
Anna is a published author and the founder of Amazon 101 Academy. She has over 10 years of experience in online marketing and started selling on Amazon in 2013. Along the way, she has created multiple successful brands from scratch and trained over 2,000 sellers, helping them build profitable businesses on Amazon. With a passion for branding, Anna is on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs!.
Ian Kaneshiro

Ian Kaneshiro

Head of Sales and Customer Success at Seller Snap
Ian is an e-commerce pro. Originally from Los Angeles, he now runs Seller Snap’s Sales and Customer Success team from Tel Aviv, helping professional Amazon sellers level up their repricing activities. When he is not helping guide sellers through their Amazon journey, Ian enjoys bike rides and playing ultimate frisbee.
Kim Wren

Kim Wren

Senior Director of Business Development for SkuVault
She is an eCommerce Veteran who understands the challenges today’s e-commerce businesses face. Seasoned as an entrepreneur, as well as working with entrepreneurs. With strong ties in e-commerce via relationships and technical resources, she can help pave the way to an operation that could provide your customers with exceptional experiences.
Dilip Vamanan

Dilip Vamanan

Founder of SellerApp
Dilip Vamanan is the CEO of Sellerapp, a platform for Amazon sellers to scale their businesses and drive maximum ROI. A speaker at multiple renowned conferences like GMIC China, GMGC Malaysia, etc. Dilip has over 13 years of experience in product development and global consulting and management. He has been a speaker and has been featured in various media.


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