Amazon Product Score Analysis -Listing Quality

Product Listings in Amazon must ensure optimization both for the shopper as well as Amazon’s algorithm.

Having a keyword stuffed title, description or the bullet points might fetch you good results in Amazon’s search ranking. But they might not necessarily convert into sales because of the poor optimization for a reader. Have a strategy keeping in mind both the shopper as well as Amazon’s search algorithm.

SellerApp’s Listing Quality takes into account both the desirability and the discoverability of your product.

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The search is how you get recognized on Amazon.  You lose on major sales if your product does not rank in the top positions on Amazon. There are various factors that influence your discoverability or the visibility on Amazon. Keywords play the major role amongst them.

The factors in your product listing that influence the discoverability of the product are

  • Fulfillment method - Sellers using Amazon Fulfillment are more preferred than the merchants self-fulfilling their products.
  • ASIN indexed - Whether your product can be found in searches with your ASIN.
  • Backend Search Terms - The keywords for which your product must be displayed are emphasized by your backend search terms.
  • Search Visibility - SellerApp takes into account the top five keywords for your product to calculate the search visibility.


Desirability is the ability of your product listing to impress a shopper on the product listing page and convert him into a buyer. After the shopper clicks on your search result, your product listing page is what decides whether he closes the tab or adds it to the cart.

SellerApp breaks down into each critical section that increases the desirability of a product

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Product Description
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

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