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Answers to the most common issues faced by sellers

Amazon Ranking – SellerApp

Quick Guide: Why Amazon Ranking? Why should you strive to be ranked higher? How to outdo others and rank high?   Why Amazon Ranking? Amazon Ranking because the visibility of the product to the customer is easily the most direct correlation to the sale of the product. It is a known fact that customers look […]

7 Must-Know Amazon Listing Optimization Tips

Product Listing Optimization for Conversions – The Desirability If getting visitors to find your products from a vast sea of competitors is half the battle, the other half is persuading them to buy right now. Knowing how to put up powerful Amazon listings are indeed a huge asset. After having worked so hard to get […]

Subject Matter – Amazon Listing Optimization

The Subject Matter field is found on Amazon seller central under the product listing.  Besides the backend search terms, there are other sections where you can enter keywords. Intended Use Target Audience Other Attributes Subject Matter On the Keywords tab, you can find the subject matter field as one. Click the ‘Add more’ button, and […]

Brand Enhancement – Amazon Listing Quality

What is Brand Enhancement? Amazon recently updated its Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to A+ Content Manager. There are additional modules when compared to the previous one. The new A+ content manager (EBC) is more appealing and user friendly, providing a seamless experience to vendors and sellers. The A+ content ( or EBC) feature enables brand […]

Adding Videos & Images – Amazon Listing Quality

Enhanced Brand Content is a tool that lets sellers uniquely display their products and listings with enhanced text, images, and images. Videos is another feature that is available to Amazon Brand registry Sellers using the EBC tool. Enhanced product listing feature was earlier available only to sellers on Vendor Central, which is an invite-only program. […]

Amazon Reviews – Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Reviews  The more reviews that people see for your product, the more likely they are to buy it. When others do something, we automatically and subconsciously determine that it is safe and even in our best interest to do the same. It triggers the social proof shortcut for your consumers. “Obviously, many others are buying […]

How to create effective Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon’s rules and regulations for product descriptions are pretty simple. Include only product-related information. Write clearly and concisely. Make sure the description matches your product images. Testimonials or quotes of any kind are not allowed No promotional messages or promoting other products except the product itself. Tips on writing product descriptions for Amazon Make it […]

Tips to write effective bullet points on Amazon

Amazon bullet points should clearly highlight your product features. These bullet points should include all the features and benefits that differentiate your product from the competitors. With effective bullet points, it is easy to gain the attention of your customer, thereby, increase your product visibility and conversions.

Amazon Backend Keywords for Listing Optimization

Backend Keywords are quite far from people’s mind while they start selling on Amazon. Most people assume for successful listings on Amazon, they’ll only need to focus on the visible sections of the product listing. However, backend search terms play a big role in keyword search optimization and therefore play a big role in improving the […]

Guide to SellerApp’s product sourcing tool

Finding the right supplier is a time-consuming process - SellerApp makes it quicker by doing the research you. SellerApp’s product sourcing tool, developed in partnership with Alibaba, will enable sellers to easily and quickly identify reliable product suppliers from across the globe.