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How to analyze the Net Profit Breakdown chart

The Net Profit chart will give an in-depth look at your sales performance. Let’s see how you should interpret this data and use it to your advantage. Where to find the Net Profit metric Log in to your SellerApp dashboard. Go to Sales > Products Click on Net Profit in the table as shown in […]

Amazon Profit Dashboard – In-depth Product Analysis

SellerApp’s Profit Dashboard helps you analyze and drill down to each product to understand the sales, net revenue, profit margins, existing inventory and inventory forecasts for each product. How to access this feature? Login to the SellerApp dashboard > Profit Dashboard > click on Products on the blue header > Click on Analyze for any […]

SellerApp’s Amazon Profit Dashboard – Inventory Management

The Inventory summary gives you an overview of the inventory levels, The number of products in your portfolio. The total number of units in stock The sourcing/ manufacturing costs of the inventory The net retail price of the all the products. This is based on the current listing price of the products. The Inventory summary […]

SellerApp Sales Dashboard – Amazon Products

The Products section in the Profit dashboard helps you analyze each product in your Amazon Portfolio Product Summary The Summary Card helps you compare the sales and orders for all your Amazon products.   It shows, The Total number of products in your portfolio. Active, inactive, and unlisted The total number of product orders for […]

SellerApp’s Amazon Profit Dashboard – Summary

Most sellers do not even know if their Amazon business is profitable or under a loss. Having the right data at the right time, helps you increase your efforts on profitable practices and crackdown the cost eating ones. Amazon data does not lie. However, it’s hard to find, maintain and keep track of the right […]