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Product Overview

Amazon Review Trends For Sellers

Review Trends give you the number of product reviews received over a time frame. Choose products such that at least 50% of the products listed in first five pages have less than 100 reviews with the first three items having less than 400 reviews. This ensures that the product and the niche are easy to […]

Price Trends

Product price is one of the major factors that resellers and hijackers compete against.  Your product price has a great impact on winning the BuyBox. This is especially true in case of products that are similar. Most people tend to choose the lower priced product unless it has other differences. Price Trends gathers all the changes […]

Competitor Products

SellerApp’s competitor products list the biggest competitors to the ASIN. Once you identify a product idea track similar products to analyze the competition. Rather than searching for similar products in the Product Research, SellerApp offers you a list of the top competitors for the product. Ease your search of identifying similar products and also the […]

Number of Amazon Sellers

No. of Sellers indicates the total no of FBA and FBM sellers tagged into the same ASIN. Often Amazon Sellers face a common problem, hijackers creeping into private label product listings. They undercut your price just enough to steal the buy box from you. If you are in the product research phase and is exploring […]

Amazon FBA Fees

The Amazon FBA fees is an FBA fee breakdown that includes the fees for listing the product on Amazon plus the FBA fees for warehousing, packing, and shipping based on the product dimensions. In the snapshot above, the total fulfillment fees for the product ASIN including the listing fee of $3 and the warehousing fee […]

Opportunity Score

The opportunity score is a metric that is defined to understand how good a product is or how optimal is it for selling on the Amazon marketplace. For every tracked product, SellerApp displays the opportunity score which is calculated based on various factors like the competition, i.e. the number of FBA sellers, branded sellers the […]

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