Product Keywords

Keyword Booster

The Keyword Booster by SellerApp is a tool that comes in handy while trying to filter through the noise of keywords that are not profitable and focus only on those that contribute to increasing sales. It’s a very important part of curating the perfect listings for your products on Amazon.  Optimize your product detail page […]

Product Intelligence  – An In Depth View

SellerApp’s Product Intelligence will help you make smart product decisions in a few clicks. Our accurate product data and sales estimates will keep you informed of the trends and changes. How to find the feature Log in to the SellerApp dashboard Go to Product Intelligence > Overview You can find a set of features that […]

Where Available

This is the section in the product listing where the keyword is present in the listing. Whether they are in the bullet points, or the title or in the backend search terms. Backend Search terms are not visible to the user. However, they play a very important role in increasing your Search visibility and indexing your […]

Product Keyword | Competitor Keyword Lookup – Detailed Guide

Adding the right keywords is the key to getting more sales and of course ranking for your keywords. How do you reach out to more people? The answer lies in exploring keywords your competitors are using to reach out to their customers.  You can expand your customer base and outsmart your competition as well. Product […]

Indexed Keywords

Indexed Keywords are the ones that Amazon identifies to be relevant to your product and associates them with your product. By that, it means, whenever a buyer searches a keyword that is indexed for your product, your product listing gets displayed in the Amazon search results. A keyword that is indexed for your product is […]

Product Keyword – An In Depth Glimpse

Amazon only ranks you for the keywords that are in your product listings. Adding the right keywords is an important step in helping customers find your product. Product keywords that are relevant and specific to your Amazon product help you fetch the right traffic as well as increase sales. We’ve seen about 10% increase in […]

Keyword – Trending

These keywords indicate the current market trend. Their search volume is experiencing a current high. Where to find this feature? Login to SellerApp  > Dashboard > Keyword Research (from the navigational bar on the top) Free Tool Amazon Keyword Search Want to learn more? Amazon SEO Guide – for Search Rank Optimization Amazon Keyword tips […]

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