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Listing Quality

7 Must-Know Amazon Listing Optimization Tips

Product Listing Optimization for Conversions – The Desirability If getting visitors to find your products from a vast sea of competitors is half the battle, the other half is persuading them to buy right now. Knowing how to put up powerful Amazon listings are indeed a huge asset. After having worked so hard to get […]

Amazon Listing Quality Checker

SellerApp’s Listing Quality tool weighs product listings. Evaluate how optimized your Amazon listing is, and how it can be improved. The Listing Quality grader can also be used to weigh the strengths and weakness of competitor product listings too. This can help you find products with low listing quality that can be optimized. What is […]

How to Add Video to Amazon Listing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a product video could very well be worth a thousand sales There are currently more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, so even the most specialized categories see a lot of competition. The old days when someone could keep one of these niches all to themselves – […]

Subject Matter – Amazon Listing Optimization

Besides the backend search terms, there are other sections where you can enter keywords. Intended Use Target Audience Other Attributes Subject Matter Amazon defines subject matter as “ What is the product about? What is the product’s subject?”. The general rule is the more complete your listing the better. Fill out your “subject matter” terms, […]

Brand Enhancement – Amazon Listing Quality

What is Brand Enhancement? Enhanced Brand Content is a tool to make your listings more visually appealing. A feature that was restricted only to Vendor Central people previously is now available to all sellers. The Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature (commonly referred to as the A+ tool) enables brand owners to change the product descriptions […]

Adding Videos & Images – Amazon Listing Quality

Enhanced Brand Content is a tool that lets sellers uniquely display their products and listings with enhanced text, images, and images. Videos is another feature that is available to Amazon Brand registry Sellers using the EBC tool. Enhanced product listing feature was earlier available only to sellers on Vendor Central, which is an invite-only program. […]

ASIN Index – Amazon Listing Optimization

The easiest path to the page is to put the ASIN in any Amazon search box. Typically all products on Amazon, that have a unique product listing are ASIN indexed. How to manually check for ASIN indexing on Amazon? Input the product ASIN in the search box If the product is indexed for the ASIN, it […]

Ratings – Amazon Listing Optimization

Feedback rating is one of the factors that influence a buyer’s decision. For each transaction made, a shopper has the option to rate a seller. Amazon clearly mentions shoppers that ratings must strictly be focussed on the buying experience such as packaging, shipping, professionalism, and communication Though there are many other metrics to weigh a […]

Amazon Product Score Analysis -Listing Quality

Product Listings in Amazon must ensure optimization both for the shopper as well as Amazon’s algorithm. Having a keyword stuffed title, description or the bullet points might fetch you good results in Amazon’s search ranking. But they might not necessarily convert into sales because of the poor optimization for a reader. Have a strategy keeping […]

Amazon Reviews – Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Reviews  The more reviews that people see for your product, the more likely they are to buy it. When others do something, we automatically and subconsciously determine that it is safe and even in our best interest to do the same. It triggers the social proof shortcut for your consumers. “Obviously, many others are buying […]

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