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Listing Quality

Amazon Listing Quality Checker

SellerApp’s Listing Quality tool weighs product listings. Evaluate how optimized your Amazon listing is, and how it can be improved. The Listing Quality grader can also be used to weigh the strengths and weakness of competitor product listings too. This can help you find products with low listing quality that can be optimized. What is […]

Brand Enhancement – Amazon Listing Quality

What is Brand Enhancement? Amazon recently updated its Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to A+ Content Manager. There are additional modules when compared to the previous one. The new A+ content manager (EBC) is more appealing and user friendly, providing a seamless experience to vendors and sellers. The A+ content ( or EBC) feature enables brand […]

Adding Videos & Images – Amazon Listing Quality

Enhanced Brand Content is a tool that lets sellers uniquely display their products and listings with enhanced text, images, and images. Videos is another feature that is available to Amazon Brand registry Sellers using the EBC tool. Enhanced product listing feature was earlier available only to sellers on Vendor Central, which is an invite-only program. […]

Amazon Product Score Analysis -Listing Quality

Product Listings in Amazon must ensure optimization both for the shopper as well as Amazon’s algorithm. Having a keyword stuffed title, description or the bullet points might fetch you good results in Amazon’s search ranking. But they might not necessarily convert into sales because of the poor optimization for a reader. Have a strategy keeping […]

LQI – Detailed guide

What is the Listing Quality Index  – LQI? Listing quality index is a measure of the quality of an Amazon product listing. SellerApp examines the 5 most critical areas of your product listing Amazon Bullet Points (Read this wonderful article to know more here is the link) Product Description Images Reviews Rating compares it to […]

Understanding LQI

What is Listing Quality Index  – LQI? Listing quality index is a measure of quality of an Amazon product listing. SellerApp examines 7 critical areas of a product listing and compares it against the recommended Amazon standard – bullet points, images, product description, and a logical listing quality score is assigned to the listing which […]

Amazon Listing Quality (LQI)Overview

One of the most important factors of Amazon product ranking is relevancy and product listing quality. The individual sections of the product listing strengthen relevancy. A powerful copy gives credibility and a keyword optimized listing increases your search rank and therefore conversions. Read Next Best practices for Product Listings Product Insights What is LQI? Listing […]