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Definitive step by step guides to successfully sell on Amazon

7 Must-Know Amazon Listing Optimization Tips

Product Listing Optimization for Conversions – The Desirability If getting visitors to find your products from a vast sea of competitors is half the battle, the other half is persuading them to buy right now. Knowing how to put up powerful Amazon listings are indeed a huge asset. After having worked so hard to get […]

15-day Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy

Not sure about how to optimize your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns? Well, you are not alone. We always get this question. Using AI to automate your campaign management is a good thing, but a bit of human intervention helps accelerate the growth process. That’s what we do at SellerApp. Follow this 15-day Amazon PPC campaign optimization process to bring real impact to your PPC performance.

Amazon PPC Strategy – Setting up the right goals

Launch Strategy – Gain Initial Sales Momentum & Visibility ACOS =< 100% This strategy is usually used when the product has just been launched. Initially, with very low or no visibility, it is almost impossible to reach out to your potential customers. Amazon solves this problem by providing an opportunity to gain visibility through Sponsored […]

Gaining knowledge from ASINs in Amazon Search Term Report

ASIN Lookup from your PPC data The ASINs in your search term report indicates that your product was shown on the other product’s detail page as Sponsored Ad because Amazon for some reason thinks that your product is associated with the ones in the Search Term report. This can be a good thing or a […]

Improving Amazon Targeted Advertising

Making the most of the best keywords There’s much more you could do to optimize campaigns other than adding new keywords in your campaigns! Matching keyword type is currently the only filter Amazon provides for targeting audiences on Amazon. First, let’s understand why targeting with match types is so important and how it could dramatically […]

Getting Started with Amazon PPC- Must know

Introduction to Amazon PPC Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are indeed a great marketing platform for getting your Amazon business off to a good start. While most sellers are convinced that they have to run PPC to make profitable sales, it gets hard when they have to set up a campaign for making profits. For this […]

How to do Keyword Analysis for Amazon PPC?

The hardest task in the PPC campaigns is to segregate the top performing keywords from the underperforming ones. SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer Negative Keywords and the Top Contributing Keywords make it super easy to get an easy hold on this data. Here’s an article about Amazon PPC and optimization best practices Keyword Analysis segregates the keywords […]

How to create a Facebook Promotion from your Facebook Business Page.

Log into Facebook Business Manager Click on “Create Campaign” Select the “Traffic” and turn on the “Offer” toggle switch   Select the “Create Offer” button Create the offer, give it an exciting title and description. Set up terms and conditions if there are any you’d want to specify. Choose an End date and time for […]

How to download Amazon Coupon codes with one-time usage limit

If you have just started out setting up Amazon Promotional codes for your product, check out the previous article to create one-time usage Amazon discount promo codes from Amazon Seller Central for your Amazon Product.  Login to your Seller Central account  From the ‘Advertising’ option, click on ‘Promotions’ from the drop-down. From the header tab, choose […]

Amazon Product Promotion: How to create percentage off discounts

Amazon product promotion continues to be a powerful strategy for ranking products.  Discount coupons are an excellent way to increase sales, if followed by the right strategy increases your organic rankings. Offering promotions are an excellent way to give your newly launched product a boost. The outcome benefits of product promotions are many Increases the […]
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