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Win big this 2021 on Amazon

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Anthony Cofrancesco

Industry Liaison at PickFu

Anthony Cofrancesco

Anthony Cofrancesco is the Industry Liaison of PickFu. He’s the previous owner of Virtuous Graphics, a marketing agency offering copywriting, graphic design, photography, and videography to Amazon sellers. He even worked at Amazon early in his career. This Maryland native is fond of hiking, creating amazing video footage using his drone, and connecting with all types of people from all regions of the world. Catch Anthony on many webinars, podcasts, and speaking engagements on Amazon, creative output, and cross-cultural people management.

Henrik Johansson

CEO of Gembah

Henrik Johansson

Henrik is a serial entrepreneur with multiple VC-funded startups and successful exits in his career. He is currently the CEO of Gembah a company that helps e-commerce sellers create new products.

James Smith

Director - Digital Marketing Product & Enterprise Accounts at Alibaba Group

James Smith

James Smith is the lead for Pro-buyer enterprise accounts at Alibaba.com North America. James has over 20 years of experience in sourcing and inventory management from having spent 14 years in China and Hong Kong leading the sourcing team at a global sourcing company, Li & Fung. James now leads Alibaba.com’s pro-buyer distributor & retailer sourcing products.

Nithin Mentreddy

Director, Customer Success at SellerApp

Nithin Mentreddy

Nithin has worked in one of the biggest 3 IT companies. He started his own business and is now helping other businesses grow by cracking Amazon PPC and listing optimization. A mechanical engineer turned into a PPC Legend.

Ram Menon

Director of Sales at SellerApp

Ram Menon

Ram Menon is the Director of sales at SellerApp. Ram has one vision - guide emerging brands to absolute glory and success! He dedicates his time to help emerging brands take the right step in their Amazon Journey. He has a strong understanding of consumer behavior and market trends across varying markets in the eCommerce domain and he is an expert strategist who can leverage market opportunities and build your brand to the next level.


Riya Mittal

Product Evangelist


DayTopicWhat to expect

Start 2021 with a solid foundation

1st February 2021 I 12:00 pm EST
Our New Year resolution? To help you maximize your margins. Learn the fundamentals of sourcing, inventory management, conversion rates, product auditing, and much more.

Master Amazon PPC with industry veterans

2nd February 2021 I 12:00 pm EST
Make every cent of your ad budget count. Dive into the exciting world of Amazon advertising with an event tailor-made by PPC veterans for sellers looking to grow.

Keeping up with Amazon’s A9 algorithm

3rd February 2021 I 12:00 pm EST
Up your Amazon SEO game. From benchmarking listings to hijack protection, we look at how you can create listings that sell and how you can protect them.


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Win big this 2021 on Amazon- The SellerApp Way