How Moondani improved their listing quality


Beauty & Personal Care


New York, USA

SellerApp Feature(s) used
  • Product Analytics
  • Listing Quality
Favorite Features
  • Listing Quality Checker
  • Challenges faced
  • Moondani’s breath spray products were of a high quality. Gave great results, however the sales rate were not exciting.

    Moondani used SellerApp’s Listing Quality tool to understand the key strategies used by competitor product listings on Amazon. The listing alerts kept them notified of the product listing changes made by other sellers.

    On analysis, Amazon experts at SellerApp identified that a lift in the product listing can help Moondani bring in those bounced off sales.

    Images have always been a key factor on Amazon. With so many choices out there, the buying decision sometimes comes down to the products with great images.

    Other than the buying decisions, images elevate the brand quality. High quality images increases the trust factor. Generally, its common that online shoppers are hesitant to buy products with poor quality images. Products with high quality images are presumed to be of good quality.

    Our inhouse team of designers helped Moondani put up images that made the product look great. The key selling points of the product were included in the images.

    Moondani used Product Keywords to extract the main keywords of competitor listings. The listing was tweaked to incorporate the new keywords, to improve the readablity and to include converting shopper terms.

  • Success
  • Moondani’s customer engagement rate saw a great increase. By improving the quality of product images, Moondani’s sales rate increased drastically. The sales saw a 150% increase compared to the prior listing.