How SellerApp helped Robert scout his first Amazon product

  • Saturated Product categories
  • Difficulty in keeping track of the data
SellerApp Feature(s) used
  • Product Ideas
  • Product Research
  • Product Tracker
  • Product Source
Favourite Features
  • Product Research Filters
  • SellerApp Chrome Extension
Robert came to SellerApp with the primary goal of finding the best product to sell on Amazon.
Just like every other inspiring Amazon seller, Robert faced extreme competition and saturation in the majority of categories. Optimal selling price range and a solid market demand was another issue.
Robert combined the benefits of SellerApp Chrome Extension, Product Ideas, and the Product Research Tool and picked up over 30 products from different categories on Amazon. Following the best-recommended standards, the Product Research Filters were used to narrow down products and niches according to the baseline criteria in the product launch checklist.
Various sections of top competitors were analyzed with the SellerApp Product Tracker.
  • The strength of competitor product listings
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the top sellers? Are there any product listings that have a spot for improvement and can serve as your differentiating point. The Listing Quality grader tool helped in this process.

  • Ensuring the sales demand based on keyword research
  • Based on the monthly search volume of the main product keywords with the Keyword Research Tool, Robert double checked the demand of the product. He also explored additional low competition selling opportunities by exploring main keywords that had irrelevant products in the search results.

  • Suppliers and profitability
  • Can the product provide good profit margins? Can it be sourced easily from China? Will it be optimal to sell the product using Amazon FBA? The FBA calculator tool and the Product Sourcing Tool helped Robert understand the manufacturer costs and the FBA opportunities

  • Robert narrowed down to 5 top products after considering various factors like the keyword opportunities, supplier costs, the scope for product improvement and extension of the product line. And tracking them for a period of time to lead him to his winning product on Amazon.

  • Success
  • Robert successfully makes close to $30000 in profits. Within a week, Robert had 30 potential products that were data proven to be extremely profitable and had high sales demands.And was able to track his best selling product in a month’s time.