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“It is a great tool which has combined multiple functions from product tracking and keyword research, to listing management for which we had to use several different services previously. A new way for sellers to optimize time and cost, making things quicker and easier, greatly releasing unnecessary stress.”

Yuki Nishi

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This Prime week, SellerApp brings you what is best for Sellers

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Feature 1:Product Ideas and tracking

Have you ever felt stuck because of lack of product ideas!? Welcome to SellerApp’s Product Idea’s tab! Here you will find products, for the category of your choice, that

  • Had thebiggest gains in BSRover the past 24 hours
  • High performing new products based on selected categories
  • Products most oftenadded to Wishlists and Registries
  • Top trending products basis sales in the past 24 hours
  • Track them to understand their performance and do a reverse ASIN to understand the hidden keywords and performance!
  • You can also use product finder to get keyword based product ideas!

Secret Tip:While you plan for your holiday calendar, look at products which are most wishlisted and added in registries, improve them to make your private label!

Real World Value: $300

Feature 2:Product Keyword Optimisation & Reverse ASIN Search

SellerApp’s Product Keyword Optimisation tool will help you solve the question “Why am I not getting more sales!“ If you facing challenges in scaling up your sales, this is the tool that you need to use! Need more focus on increasing organic rankings, traffic & sales?

Natively integrated

With SellerApp’s Product Keyword Optimisation tool, you can

  • You can easily figure out whether your back-end and front-end keyword-search-terms are actuallybeing indexed by Amazon
  • Not only that, it will also tell you thepage in which the keyword is appearingfor the product category! This is the only feature you need to track whether your keyword performance is improving or not over time
  • It will identify all combinations of keywords basis Amazon search volume and help youidentify low competition keywordsyou can further add to your page
  • Not only that, the tool will help youuncover hidden keywordsthat your competitors are using! (This itself is a feature that may cost you up to $20 per product!)

Secret Tip:Identify the competitor’s product which is best seller in your category and run keyword optimization tool to uncover hidden keywords that they are using in their backend. If it is an interesting keyword that you haven’t thought about earlier, run a keyword research on that as seed to uncover variations which nobody might be using at the moment.

Natively integrated

Feature 3:Keyword Research

SellerApp Keyword Research is a fantastic and best-in-class keyword research tool that only expert Amazon sellers use to pull the best keywords for their product listings.

With SellerApp Keyword Research tool you can find all the major and minor variations for the seed keyword that you have!

  • Find keywords specific to the category that you are selling in!
  • Find Amazon Auto suggested keywords that will take you hours to gather and consolidate for your category as well as for the base keyword!
  • Identify Trending keywords which are trending in the current month!
  • For PPC optimization , find variations of the high performing keywords and include them in your manual campaigns to reveal some golden nuggets!
  • SellerApp Keyword Research has helped sellers uncover hidden keywords and dramatically helped spend less while getting more sales!

Secret Tip:Select the category of your choice and click the “search” button without a seed word to reveal all the primary auto suggested keywords for that category! Identify low competition or interesting keywords to find the products that are ranking high for it and do product research basis this to identify unique products to sell!

Real World Value: $900

Feature 4:SellerWatch & Business Alerts!

Did you find a competitor or a seller who is selling interesting products? Want to keep a track on his activities and new listings for product ideas? Want to see whether your competitor is running a promotion campaign or a lighting deal? SellerApp got you covered! SellerApp’s Sellerwatch & Business Alert features will help you

Natively integrated
  • Track your competitors and sellersusing their storefront ids
  • Help youuncover new productsthat he is listing or track the products performance
  • Business Alerts can help you set price alerts and rating alerts for not only your products but also you competitors productsrevealing whether the product is running promotionsor having rating changes. This can help you uncover flaws in the competitors products which can help you in your product research!

Secret Tip:If you find an interesting product that you think you can sell, also explore the sellers who are selling it, to find sellers with some fantastic ASINs! Track them to get product ideas for your next Private Label!

Real World Value: $500

But We're Not Stopping There...

You'll Get 2 More *BONUS* Services When You Join Today!

Natively integrated

BONUS 1:Portfolio Consultation with an Amazon Expert

Get your questions answered! Most importantly discuss with an Amazon Expert on strategies and areas of opportunity covering the following areas

  • Product Research Strategy:Discuss strategies to find a good product & validate product ideas that you may have.
  • New Products Listing Strategy:Discuss with an Amazon expert with advanced knowledge of creating new product listings optimized for page views and sales.
  • Optimize Product Listings:Keywords research & improve listings: Want to improve your products’ search results on Amazon? Experience researching and assigning keywords to increase product visibility in Amazon’s industry leading product search bar.
  • Campaign Optimisation:Plan with an Amazon PPC expert to set up and run PPC campaigns for your top products on Amazon. Track impressions and sales to make the best decisions with your PPC budget.
  • Interactive 2 hour sessions per month for the duration of the subscriptionds and dramatically helped spend less while getting more sales!

BONUS 2:Access to Promo Planner, Expert insights, exclusive content, tips and tricks and access to our elite mastermind facebook group!

  • Get Access toSellerApp exclusive Amazonsales calendar to plan your promotions and sales
  • Get Amazonsales event specific keywordsand suggestions for planning your sales and ppc campaigns!
  • Access toexpert insightsand all new features releases!
  • Join an exclusiveFACEBOOK groupof successful smart sellers to gain the answers & support you need.
  • Get first access to our webinars and other exclusive content.
Natively integrated